Hi, I’m Jaymie and I’m the owner of ChairWeavings & More.

My little business began the summer of 2019. My husband and I had downsized and my dining room was much smaller than in our previous home. My old dining set just wouldn’t fit. I found two cute little vintage chairs, but the seats were in terrible shape so I decided to try my hand at weaving new seats using my large stash of fabric. It was fun and they were so cute! I started collecting vintage chairs, restoring them and weaving new life into their seats. I wove baby chairs, kitchen chairs, stools and porch rockers. I sold some and gave many away as gifts.

A few months later, a customer asked me to weave “Memory Chairs” — using her mother and father’s clothing and their very own treasured chairs. I had some fabric left so I made a few keepsake ornaments for her family members. I LOVED the process so much! This is truly sacred work — I never make an ornament, pillow or quilt without tears. I opened my Etsy shop in January 2020 and keepsake items were my first listings.

The next fall, my daughter-in-law asked for my help making fall decorations — on a budget. We decided to make pumpkins out of some of her old, worn-out sweaters. Sweater pumpkins became a popular addition to my shop.

When Christmas approached, I wondered what to do with so many of my sweater remnants. I added sock snowmen, wearing little sweaters, hats and fuzzy scarves, sweater balls and ornaments, gnomes and sweater trees. In the winter/spring I made sweater hearts for Valentine’s Day and Easter rabbits, eggs and sock bunnies… all using my (growing) stash of up-cycled sweaters and fabric scraps.

My little shop has continued to grow bit by bit. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to be creative, connect with so many wonderful people and save a bit of space in the landfill, too!

Thanks for stopping by!